Official: Best Wedding Stationery 2012!

23rd March 2012
What fantastic news to wake up to! Rosy Days is the WINNER of the "Real Weddings 2012 Wedding Oscars". Yippeeeeeee :)

Party weekend for Rosy Days, but please keep an eye on my facebook page for details of some celebration offers. Also in celebration of this award, I am pleased to offer 15% OFF ALL WEDDING STATIONERY for the remainder of 2012.

Finally, in true Oscar speech style, I'd like to mention a few words of thanks. (Tissues at the ready, Gwyneth Paltrow style...)

1. Thank-you to each and every person who took time to vote for me, every vote did count so your vote really did make a difference.

2. Thanks to "" for organising this original event, giving previous customers the chance to nominate their favourite suppliers, thus giving small businesses such as Rosy Days, the chance to stand alongside the "big guys" in the wedding industry.

and 3. An extra special thank you to the previous customers who nominated me for the award... thank you so much, whoever you are xxx