The colour purple

18th July 2010

Here at Rosy Days I offer all brides the opportunity for a free colour change in any of my wedding stationery designs so that their invitations can match perfectly with their bridal theme.

Time & time again, the colour I’m asked for is purple, so much so that I’m wondering is this a fashion choice (It has been very much in vogue on the fashion catwalks for a number of seasons…) or does something run deeper in our subconscious that makes purple the colour to represent love & commitment?
Certainly the beauty of Purple lies in its variety – you can choose from Lavender, Amethyst, Violet, Grape, Damson, Indigo, Mauve, Plum, Heather, or Aubergine and still not touch the surface of this vibrant tone!
As a combination of blue, the coolest colour on the colour wheel & red, the hottest shade, purple has a balancing effect and is used to symbolize fantasy, royalty, religion, creativity,imagination & magic.

In addition to this, as a close relation to pink & red, it’s right up there with the romantic tones.

If you’re considering purple but still want to stand out from the crowd, consider using it as your main background colour, and injecting a bit of fun or contrast by highlighting small details in a complimentary colour:

For a Spring wedding, you could team a light Purple or Lavender with an Apple or Lime green. Amethyst or Violet works well with a bright Yellow or Turquoise for a Summer celebration, and matching a Plum with a burnt Orange fits perfectly with Autumn shades. Finally, you can warm up a Winter wedding combining tones of deep Aubergine with aCrimson red.
If this all seems like colour overload for your style, why not consider selecting your favourite purple & adding neutral highlights such as cream or beige, or playing with different shades and tones of purple for a more conservative but still contemporary approach.
The choice or combinations available is endless, so have fun & experiment with shades that you wouldn’t normally try.

One of the first things I tell any Rosy Days bride is that my designs look dramatically different in various colour combinations. As such, I’m happy to work with you and make a number of colour changes so that you can select the one that’s best for you.

Please Contact me now for a no obligation colour consultation, email: clare@rosydays@ie

By the way, I love purple …’cos it’s a deeper shade of pink!

Until next time, may every day be a “Rosy Day”.