To Russia with Love

16th March 2010

Earlier this week I received an email out of the blue from Cassandra Campbell asking if Rosy Days would consider supporting a fund raising event for a charity she is involved in “To Russia with Love”.

To be honest I hadn’t heard of the charity before but 5 seconds on Google and I was on their site reading all about the fantastic work this charity does.
Their mission statementquickly gives a clear understanding of what they do with the simple understated ambition of “…towork together to improve the lives of Russia’s forgotten orphans.”.

Cassandra told me about Julia, a Russian girl that she sponsors and supports, and how a recent letter from her was the inspiration behind this fund raising event in Clontarf Castle on 8th July. As well as all the other wonderful work done by this charity some of the money raised on the night will go towards allowing Julia to travel to see her brothers and sisters who live in orphanages in different areas of the region.

Reading through the charity web site it is obvious that over the last 12 years “To Russia with Love” has made a real difference to the lives of many Russian orphans who don’t normally have access to support services. Not only have funds gone towards the essential maintenance of family relationships but also to providing the best possible start in life to these children so they can grow to realise their full potential. Below is a short extract from the web site that highlights this second point,

“…100% of the young people leaving the Orphanage in 2007 went on to enter College/University and are living in flats/hostels supported by ‘To Russia With Love’where they are doing extremely well. We have our first Lawyer graduating next year and have two fabulous young women entering Medical School this year. We also have 100% of the children leaving Hortolova Orphanage this year accepted into Higher Education programs.”.

So if you are interested in a great night out and the chance of winning some amazing prizes such as bikes, hampers, whiskey, ROSY DAYS CARDS!!, handbags and much more, or if you just want to help support this fantastic charity contact 0879235991 or check out the facebook page for more details.

The night promises to be great fun and a exceptional way of “Celebrating Life”.
I hope to see you on the night!

Until next time may every day be a “Rosy Day“.