Happy New Year !!!

04th January 2010

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.
Rather than hibernate for the month of January, Rosy Days has decided to kick start 2010 by jumping on the Blogging bandwagon. OK, OK, so the blog has a few posts already and has been live for a little while but this is the official launch !

Rather than blather on aimlessly (though apparently it’s something I excel at), I’ve decided to use the Rosy Days blog to share some of life’s happy occasions (and of course thoughts, news and developments from the Rosy Days camp !). Our motto here at Rosy Days is “Celebrating Life” & I thought that our blog would offer a good opportunity to forget the woes of the recession & shout out loud about the things that are good in life!
There’s a “Comments” section beneath each blog just crying out for your input and we’d love to hear what you think on our posts or better still share your good news and happy events with us & the world, so come on, share the love (“yeah man!”).
To start the ball rolling, here are some of the things Rosy Days was happy to celebrate in 2009.
1. Our youngest employee Molly turned one in September (still too young to claim wages though she has learnt to twist her Mummy’s arm for a few extra cuddly toys along the way!).

2. Our web site overhaul (thanks to Dirk & Richard for all their hard work)… It’s nearly finished, just waiting for my input to be complete (as usual).

3. SIX new Rosy Days stockists since August!

4. Rosy Days wedding stationery competition in the Winter 09 edition of Confetti Magazine.

5. A selection of our Wedding invitations featured in the New Year edition of Irish Brides Magazine.

6. Rosy Days designs featured 3 times in “Progressive Greetings Worldwide” Magazine.

7. Molly featured in Progressive Greetings Worldwide magazine! A one year old’s comments are very valid. She represents the voice of the future you know !

I’ll aim to update the blog at least once a month, so please keep popping back regularly and engage with the posts to brighten up both your day and mine.
This is Rosy Days Preliminary Blog post of 2010 signing out & saying, over to you… come on PLEASE share your good news!

Until next time, may every day be a “Rosy Day”,